Designed and certified to be immune to the stray voltages and radio frequency environment typically found on well sites and offshore platforms, the PX-1 from Ecosse Design is a low-cost, high-performance EBW/EFI fireset that allows normal oilfield operations to continue while perforating and other completion services are being performed.

The PX-1 is a flexible and affordable one use tool that generates the high current pulse needed to initiate EBW and EFI detonators. PX-1 features include compact dimensions that allow it to be used in gun systems down to 1-3/8in OD and a temperature rating greater than any other system on the market. Not to mention all features complement the safety of the EBW/EFI detonators.

Contact Ecosse Design for a copy of the certification report, or to learn more about the PX-1. For information on EBW and EFI detonators, contact RISI or Pacific Scientific


The PX-1 firing tool safety features operated as intended to prevent accidental firing due to the effects of RF interference and stray voltages as might typically be found in the oilfield environment, both at ambient and elevated temperatures. These electrical safety features also successfully provided protection against a direct lightning strike to the wireline.

The PX-1 Firing System, therefore, meets its design requirements by allowing perforating operations to be conducted without interrupting radio communications, welding operations, cathodic protection systems, or other potential sources of stray voltages