Spartek Systems Acquired PX-1 and OM-1 Fire-sets from Ecosse Design, Inc.

Ecosse Design, Inc. have sold the assets, designs, manufacturing and distribution rights for the PX-1 and OM-1 fire-sets to Spartek Systems, Inc.

The current PX-1 and OM-1 fire-sets are the design creations of the late Mr. Jim Ellis, the founder of Ecosse Design, Inc. It was through Mr. Ellis' hard work and perseverance that the PX-1 is certified as immune to the stray voltages and RF environments typically found on well sites and offshore platforms - which means radio transmitters, electric welding and cathodic protection equipment can continue operating during perforating and other wireline explosive operations. Spartek Systems intend to build on Jim's legacy, and continue evolving the PX-1 and OM-1 products to maintain industry leading status.

The PX-1 and OM-1 are low-cost, high performance fire-sets that complement the safety aspects of the EBW (Exploding Bridge Wire), EFI (Exploding Foil Initiator) detonators. Specifically, the PX-1 generates the high - current pulse required to initiate EBW and EFI detonators.  It's compact dimensions allow it to be used in gun systems less than 1.50 inches in OD, and the low cost of the PX-1 makes it easily expendable after use. These features along with a temperature rating greater than any other system on the market makes it the only choice in higher temperature environments.

Spartek Systems is a leading independent supplier of technology to evaluate, monitor, and exploit oil and gas assets. Using its Global footprint, Spartek Systems will provide greater distribution and support resources for the PX-1 and OM-1 fire-sets. Also known for it's technology innovations, Spartek Systems will continually explore opportunities to ensure the PX-1 and OM-1 products are highly competitive in the product class, and an overall cost benefit to the industry. 

Ecosse Design would like to sincerely thank its customers and vendors for their support of the business and products since 1996. All of us at Ecosse Design pass on our very warmest regards and best wishes for the future to Spartek Systems.

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Designed and certified to be immune to the stray voltages and radio frequency environment typically found on well sites and offshore platforms, the PX-1 from Ecosse Design is a low-cost, high-performance EBW/EFI fireset that allows normal oilfield operations to continue while perforating and other completion services are being performed.



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